This page provides some further background about my career in technology development. To find out more, please request a copy of my CV.

My interest in technology started a child, learning how to make graphics and games in BBC Basic. Later on as a teenager my love for making music got me interested in the technology behind guitar pedals, filters, sampling and synthesisers.


I grew up in Glasgow playing in bands, and today my interest in music technology keeps me busy with various production projects, as well as experimenting with software to make sound.


I studied for a BEng in Electronic Engineering with Music at the University of Glasgow. Many thought this was a curious combination of arts and science, but for me it was the ideal way to combine my passion for tech with tunes.


By the time I graduated, I discovered that much of what I loved about music could be created using software, and so I went on to study for an MSc in Information Technology.


My studies in electronic engineering and software design enabled me to find work in communication systems. Since starting out developing secure digital radio systems using embedded C at Racal Radio (Thales), I have worked across a number of domains designing solutions for automotive electronics (Motorola, Continental), telecommunications infrastructure (Telesoft) and oil exploration (Expro).


My core skills are based around embedded systems using C and C++ for Linux and real-time operating systems (RTOS). I have extensive experience of using UML, and have been responsible for defining software platform architectures that allow businesses to tailor core products for specific customers.


I have developed software to high quality standards, including ISO 9001, TS-16949/SPICE/MISRA and IEC-61508. A well defined development process is critical to software integrity, and this is even more important in the world of Agile.


In addition to embedded software, I have developed multi-threaded server applications and various websites using Java, AJAX and PHP. I also have some experience of UX development under C# and WPF.


My core skills are now central to my role as a team leader and software architect as we develop solutions using Scrum in a multi-disciplinary engineering environment.





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